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The Lusitano - The Horse of Kings

Horses from the best breeding lines available in Portugal were selected, to produce in South Africa the modern Lusitano: the Barocco Horse best suited for today's needs

The Lusitano makes up one of the branches of the traditional Iberianhorse. Distinguished by its character and extreme beauty, the Lusitano was considered as "The Horse of the Kings" and was most commonly found in European royal courts.

It is a well proportioned horse, relatively strong and fairly short coupled. It has a very expressive head which is distinguished by its convex profile. Its neck is strong and arched with an abundant mane. The Lusitano is generally grey or bay, however it can also be black, dun, palomino or chestnut though these colours are less common.

Since the creation of the Stud Book around 30 years ago the Lusitano has become a recognised breed on its own which has resulted in a more careful selection in the breeding plans.

Today's Lusitano is an athlete that stands between 16.1 and 17 h.h which, with its morphological characteristics and excellent conformation gives it a natural ability for high class dressage movements. Its superb intelligence and eagerness to please make the Lusitano a pleasure to train.

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